Contest Results


2017 Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association Competition Results

The 2017 Monroe Kingera and Danny Yopp Sportsmanship Annual Award
Awarded to
Riner Volunteer Fire Department

Presented to the department that showed the most friendship, camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Thanks to Mark and Wendy Bowery of VFIS Insurance for continued support of the contest with participation boundary banners and competition t-shirts

173 participants representing 9 departments

Air Pac:                                                                                    
1st Place: F. Redd, 8.27 sec., Christiansburg
2nd Place: S. Phillips, 8.88 sec., Christiansburg
3rd Place: J. Linkous, 10.53 sec., Christiansburg

Hose Coupling:                                                                                    
1st Place: M. Moles, 8.97 sec., Riner
2nd Place: F. Redd, 9.28 sec., Christiansburg
3rd Place: C. Whitt, 9.84 sec., Dublin

3 Man Dressing:
1st Place: L. Cahoon, C. Cahoon  & K. Cahoon, 11.15 sec., Selma
2nd Place: M. Hutchison, F. Redd & P. Smith, 11.39 sec., Christiansburg
3rd Place: T J Tekesky, P. Saylors & C. Loan, 12.82 sec., Riner

1 Man Dressing:                                                                    
1st Place: F. Redd, 10.08 sec., Christiansburg
2nd Place: T J Tekesky, 10.18 sec., Riner
3rd Place: M. Hutchison, 10.49 sec., Christiansburg

Man Dressing – Velcro / Zipper:
1st Place: K. Cahoon, 11.24 sec., Selma
2nd Place: C. Fitch, 11.58 sec., Selma
3rd Place: L. Cahoon, 11.91 sec., Selma

50 years old and over 1 Man Dressing·:
1st Place: L. Cahoon, 10.85 sec., Selma
2nd Place: P. Saylors, 11.31 sec., Riner
3rd Place: M. Moles, 11.71 sec., Riner

The following children participated in the Kids Dressing Event

Addison Redd,  Jordan Haislip,  Issac Haislip,  Jacob Redd,  Brandon Phillips,  Grayson Zikes

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