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About the Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association

The purpose of the Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association is to represent all firefighters, career and volunteer, throughout Southwest Virginia. The association sees that we are represented on both the state and federal levels, through our lobbyist and state representatives.

The Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association also works very closely with the Virginia Department of Fire Programs to get classes in southwest Virginia. Through training we become stronger and more proficient in our skills and abilities to protect our communities and neighbors. Training also keeps us healthier and safer as on organization.

The association also works closely with other organizations throughout the state such as the Virginia State Firefighter’s Association, and the Virginia Fire Chief’s Association.

The membership of the Southwest Virginia Firefighters Association is network of people and organizations that can come together as a group in a member’s time of need to provide support.

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We remember the fallen, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank a veteran for defending our freedom. Support our current service members in their duty to defend our freedom.
We thank all service men and women, past, present and future.