Kids Station

Bedroom Fire and Emergency Preparednesshas been working for over 50 years to remind Americans of the importance of outdoor fire safety and wildfire prevention. With reports of devastating wildfire increasing, Smokey Bear’s wildfire prevention message is more vital today than ever before.

SparkySparky the Fire Dog: Brought to you by the NFPA, Sparky the Fire Dog was born in 1951 to help assist with fire prevention efforts across the country. This website is an excellent resource for you and your family to review and practice fire safety activities. Sparky makes fire safety fun!

FEMA KidsU.S. Fire Administration Kids offer fire prevention information, games, puzzles and activities for kids.

Bedroom Fire and Emergency Preparedness, This is a resource providing fire safety tips and emergency preparedness for your bedroom. The information is presented by TUCK, Advancing Better Sleep.